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Japanese Championships

Lee and the Team visits Japan and team rider Naoya Hamanaka takes 1st place at the Japanese Championships!

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Introducing the all new Revolver Reloaded!

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Lee has been riding Jet Skis since the tender age of 4. With his family purchasing a Jet Ski as a hobby for the weekends it soon became apparent that Lee took to the sport.

Dave (Lee’s Father) decide to buy a 550 stand up Jet Ski for Lee at the age of 6, He then rode every weekend with out fail for the next years to come. At the age of 10 after paying more of an interest to the world of freestyle Jet Skiing they then replaced the 550 for a 701 Super Jet and started play around with freestyle. 1 year later and Lee entered his 1st competition on his 11th birthday at the British Championship which followed on to Winning the British Junior Championships. A year moved on and Lee and his family decided it was time to head further afield and tackle the European Championships, This lead to Lee finishing 2nd Overall in the European Championships.

During the following season whilst performing a display in France, Lee was noticed by former World Champion Alessander Lenzi and was approached to head over to Brazil and train with Lenzi in preparation for the Amateur World Championships later that year, After several months training in Brazil Lee headed to the United States of America to compete. This competition would see Lee taking the crown to become 2005 Amateur World Champion.
The following day would see Lee bumped up to the pro class where whilst still competing on a amateur based ski managed a respectable 5th place in the Professional World Championships. This only fuelled Lee’s fire even more to chase his dream and one day take home that Pro World Crown!

A few years passed and Lee teamed up with Eric Malone at EME (Former World Champion) to work very closely together to potentially build a winning team. Year 2010 finally came and saw Lee fur fill his dream to becoming 2010 Professional WORLD CHAMPION. Unfortunately within the next 12 months due to complications it would see Lee and EME part ways. This in Lee’s eyes meant only 1 thing, It was time to develop the REVOLVER!
During Lee’s career he was heavily involved in developing new hulls for several manufactures and inherited great knowledge. This plus Lee’s aggression to push the boundaries sent the Revolver through a extensive test and development stage to create one of the leading aftermarket hulls available in the world today.


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